About This Site

The Hypertext d20 SRDTM is intended to be a useful supplement to published rulebooks. It is not intended to replace them. I see my gaming library as a valuable collection that I derive much pleasure from. There is no way that this site could duplicate the experience of reading a beautifully designed and illustrated book. But, there are some BIG advantages that this site has over printed materials:


This site is a lightning-fast reference for the d20 system rules you use most. Speeding up mundane activities (such as looking up rules) has a major positive impact on the gaming experience. There are three ways this site is quicker to use than printed rulebooks:


You can’t wear this site out. I dare you. Try it. The same can’t be said of your cherished rulebooks.

Eases Learning

Learning the d20 rule system can be a daunting task for beginners and even the most learned rules scholar needs a refresher now and again. There are hundreds of game terms that are unfamiliar to the uninitiated. Now the fledgling gamer can just click on the esoteric jargon instead of flailing and flipping pages.


With surprising frequency people find themselves with access to the internet, but not to their rulebooks. I've received emails from soldiers stationed overseas to folks slacking off at work that are happy to have access to d20 rules.

I know of no Braille editions of d20 rulebooks. This site has been built with accessibility in mind. If you’re using a screen reader, or even a palm pilot, this site is built for you.

How to Use This Site

I know. It sounds pretty silly. Of course you know how to use a Web site, but read on… You never know what you may learn.

Add the Home Page to Your Bookmarks Bar

Now you have a Home > xxx button no matter how far you're scrolled down on a page.

Use Mozilla Firefox

I know this is a big leap for many of you, but Firefox offers several features that really enhance the usefulness and usability of this site. I'ts worth downloading Firefox even if you only use it for this site!

This site also uses several W3C standards that are NOT supported by Internet Explorer. The Hypertext d20 SRD will look better using a compliant browser such as Firefox.

Find As You Type

This Firefox feature really saves time hunting for words and links on a page. Just hit the slash (/) key and start typing your search word. The first instance of the word is instantly scrolled to and highlighted. If the word is a hyperlink, just hit the enter key to activate it. To find the next occurence of the word hit "Ctl-G" (Cmd-G on a Mac).

Here are a couple of examples of this wonderfully useful feature:

Example 1: Navigate to Hydra stats
  1. You click on "Monsters" from the home page.
  2. You get a nice index of monsters, but egad! there's a lot of links.
  3. You type "/hy" and the Hydra link is already selected!
  4. You hit "enter" and you're there. Yay!
Example 2: Searching for Coup de Grace
  1. You type "Coup de Grace" into the search engine.
  2. You click on the first search result (should be the best one).
  3. You get the Combat Modifiers page. Hmm. No "Coup de Grace" in sight.
  4. You type "/coup" and presto! you're ¾ of the way down the page at the Coup de Grace description.

Tabbed Browsing

Another great feature of Firefox. It beats the snot out of sticky notes poking out of rulebooks. During our last game session, I had tabs open for two monsters, three spells, the condition summary, and the splash weapon rules.

There are several keyboard commands for using tabs, but I usually right-click (Ctl-click on a Mac) on the link I want, and choose "Open Link in a New Tab".


The Hypertext d20 SRDTM is owned by BoLS Interactive LLC.

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