Changes from the Official d20 SRD

All d20 system content on this site is from the Official d20 SRD site as of May 21, 2004.

Translating the d20 SRD for use on the Web has necessitated several presentational and organizational changes. I have not added, removed, or changed any rule mechanics in the d20 game engine. Here are the most drastic changes:

Special Abilities

In the official d20 SRD, Special Abilities were addressed in three documents: Magic Overview, Special Abilities & Conditions, and Types, Subtypes, & Special Abilities. I have moved the relevant content into one document titled Special Abilities. I have renamed the documents Special Abilities & Conditions, and Types, Subtypes, & Special Abilities to Condition Summary and Types & Subtypes respectively.

Errata and v3.5 Rules Updates

I have made many corrections and v3.0 to v3.5 rules updates that do not appear in any official d20 SRD publication. Aside from obvious spelling and grammatical corrections, I have only incorporated changes originating form an official Wizards of the Coast source (published errata, FAQ, later printed edition, etc.)

Swift & Immediate Actions

Since swift actions and immediate actions have been included in official errata for core rules content such as the feather fall spell and the quicken spell metamagic feat, I've moved the descriptions for these types of actions from the psionics rules section to the core rules section.

Document & SRD Index Organization

You’ll note that both my SRD Index and document organization is quite different from the official SRD. My intention in making these changes is to reduce scrolling, improve performance, and improve usability for reference purposes.

Table Placement, Labels, and References

In order to reduce scrolling, I have moved many tables to within the relevant text blocks. This has required changing text that refers to these tables, and in some cases labeling tables that were not previously labeled. For instance, I may have changed "see table below" to "see table" or "see Table: (table label)".

New Tables

I have added a few tables that are not included in the official d20 SRD. All of the content in these tables however, is included in various entries of the official SRD. These tables include:

Additional Material

I have included some additional material that is not part of the official SRD. This material consists of the Variant Rules section (open content from Unearthed Arcana) and the Razor Boar and Scorpionfolk monster entries.